Theme Groups

Each group has 2-3 Tutors who will be the go-to-guys of the group. This year’s theme is “When I Grow Up!” The so-called “professions” stated below will be the theme for your costume on The Freshers’ Trip, and you will be spending a lot of time during the Intro Week with your theme group.

You will meet your designated theme group on Monday August 2oth at 16.00 in Atrium after you have finished the Academic Hours.
You will find your theme group by looking at the whiteboards in Atrium. All theme groups and its members will be listed there. We, your Tutors, will of course be there to help you find your theme group. 

Sport Stars
Tutors: Allan, Ida and Julie

In the Army
Tutors: Christian, Jens J and Josephine M

Tutors: Nanna, Ulrik and Viktor F

Travel Industry
Tutors: Lisa and Tanja

Law Enforcement
Tutors: Mikkel, Sebastian and Zoe

Tutors: Mads and Nadia

Tutors: Lasse and Lauritz

Tutors: Alexander, Anne Sophie and Christoffer

Tutors: Jens F, Marcus and Nugga

At Sea
Tutors: Amanda, Kasper and Rasmus

In Outer Space
Tutors: Theis and Tracy

Tutors: Cæcilie, Lea and Sofie

Tutors: Katrine, Søren-Johan and Viktor A

Tutors: Anders, Jens B and Josephine