Student Council


Welcome newly joined students!

Every university is full of student organizations that bind students together, uniting them for certain causes, visions, ideas and values. Student Council is the organization that aims to help shape ITU in becoming as good university as it can be for its students. Student Council serves as a bridge, as a communication tool between the ITU and ITU’s most precious – YOU, the students . With Student Council you can leave your mark at ITU, you can be the voice of students, you can get more involved with the internal affairs of the university and you can partake in important decision making alongside the Board of Directors!

It’s a great privilege being given the opportunity to influence the study environment in such transparent, open and easy way and Student Council’s aim is to continue doing so, with our work through our volunteers and the Student Elected Representatives in Student Council. And in order for all of the above to come true, Student Council needs volunteers- people such as yourself, to come join our organization!

Student Council, together with you, can make anything happen! Join us as a volunteer at and you will be able to become a part of this organization and help shape ITU to become a better place for yourself, for all of us!