Welcome bachelor students!

Scrollbar is the ITU’s amazing student bar, which is run entirely by volunteer ITU students.

Scrollbar is open every friday from 3pm until 2am. We have a wide range of quality beverages, from Carlsberg draft to import beers on bottle, soda and drinks. The prices are of course at student friendly, so that you are able to join us most Fridays! We have different events throughout the semester and organize different tournaments ex. Beer Pong and theme parties where you’ll be guaranteed a nice party.

Every semester we welcome new bartenders to join the Scrollbar family and this semester is no different. So we want to invite all of you to drop by our Meet’n'Greet, the date is still TBA, but keep an eye out on our Facebook page. The Meet’n'Greet is an opportunity to learn more about Scrollbar and what an awesome organization we are. When joining Scrollbar you will get to know and care for students from all the different study programs at ITU. You might think “What do I get from giving my time to Scrollbar?”, well…
We might be a busy bar, but we have a great time when we are on shifts and the hours just fly by. Also we have a great discount when you are not on shift - you of course you drink for free when you are on shift. Furthermore we throw some kick-ass parties for members only – all expenses paid.

If after this short introduction Scrollbar seems something that you would be interested in joining, then please do not hesitate to join the Meet’n'Greet, when announced. If you can’t make it but have questions you can write us at Applications should be sent to and the application deadline will be announced in the Meet’n'Greet event as well.

We wish you an awesome fresher week, and we can’t wait to see you all at the intro party, 24.08.2018.

- Scrollbar loves you! <3