We are all studying at ITU because of a shared general interest in Information Technology. However, if you feel like having a break from your studies, Café Analog provides a cosy social environment furnished with vintage couches, chairs, tables and oil paintings. In this way, Café Analog provides an analogous oasis in the middle of a setting that is otherwise driven by digital technology.

Who are we?
Analog is a non-profit café run by volunteer students. We serve freshly brewed coffee, cocoa and tea to the community of ITU, all at very student friendly prices.

With Analog, we wish to provide an everyday setting to meet up with your fellow students, or even make new friends. We’re comprised of about 60 students of all majors, nationalities and ages, working together to make Analog one of the most utilised social initiatives at ITU.

Apart from our daily operations, we aim to contribute to the community of ITU by spending our revenue to improve the surroundings of the students. Furthermore, we aim to cooperate with fellow student organisations at ITU. As an example, we work together with ITU.Film, who uses the premises of Analog to show movies every week of the semester.

Feel like contributing?
If you want to, you can also be a part of Analog. Most of our team consists of regular baristas, but we also have people occupying other roles such as managing the organisation, accounting for our financial statements, arranging events and so on. Whatever you feel like working with, we will provide the training. This means you do not necessarily need to have previous experience in making coffee or any other task, to join us. Thus, you may use Analog to get a first-hand experience with the operation of a non-profit business, with a good opportunity of improving various skills to put your CV. Furthermore, volunteers are rewarded with great discounts on the products we sell.

Luckily, we get to meet you guys during the intro week as well. Here we will tell you more about our organisation, the working hours and benefits, and how you may apply to volunteer.

We’re looking very much forward to meeting you all!
In the meantime, drop by Facebook page at, or our Instagram, @cafeanalog and give us a “like/follow” and use our #CafeAnalog!

Oh, and by the way, our opening hours are:
08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Thursday
08.00 to 13.00 Fridays.