Practical information

Fresher’s Trip: Saturday the 1st – Monday the 3rd of September

We’ll meet up at ITU in Atrium at 10.00 am!


On the bus:
- You’ll need to bring your own lunch and drinks for the bus.
- Do not bring glass bottles! Cans or plastic bottles only.

- You should not be wearing your costumes on the bus – we will save them for later!


What to bring:
- Student ID!
- Costume. Remember to bring your costume!
- Money. On the last day you need to pay your bar tab, so please bring your credit card.
- Sheets. For the beds, Captain Obvious.
- Sleeping bag (Preferable sleeping bags to save space on the bus)
- Swimwear. We count on sunny weather!
- Clothes for the weather! We’re hoping for the best.
- Your good mood! We need this in order to have the greatest trip!


What not to bring:
Food and drinks – Except for the bus trip, we will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The bar will also be open so you can get refreshments.

Drugs – We (ITU) have an absolute zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs. If we see any student under the effect of, or about to do drugs, the student will be sent home immediately on his/her own expense. This goes for ANY type of drugs out there, including nitrous oxide (laughter gas).

Laptops and iPads – Please don’t bring any anti-social items, you simply don’t need them! We’ve got a lot of entertainment for the days!