Q: What is the Freshers’ Trip?
A: At most universities in Denmark, it is a tradition, in order to create social bonds between students, to go on a trip where you hang out, have fun and party together. On this trip, you will have lots of opportunities to mingle and get to know your peers, whom you will share the ITU with for the next years to come.


Q: So why this F.A.Q?
A: We’re trying to be as transparent about The Freshers’ Trip as possible. We want you to join it, and therefore we want to squash any doubts/rumours about The Freshers’ Trip, that you may have and which could prevent you from joining The Freshers’ Trip.


Q: When does the Freshers’ Trip take place?
A: Saturday the 1st – Monday the 3rd of September 2018. We’ll meet up in Atrium Saturday the 1st of September at 10:00 where we collectively depart in busses.


Q: How do I sign up for The Freshers’ Trip?
A: Signing up is done through payment. So go here and read more about it.


Q: When is the deadline for the payment?
A: The deadline is the 22nd of August 2018 at midnight. 


Q: I’ve heard that freshers’ trips are all about drinking and getting hammered, how about that?
A: This is a common misconception and it is simply not true. The Freshers’ Trip is about you guys getting the best start at ITU socially, and we’re trying to achieve that with a mix of games, dancing, chilling, music and laughing. Some of those activities can include alcohol. It is really all up to yourself.


Q: I’ve heard that you’ll force us to drink alcohol. Any comments?
A: That’s simply NOT true and if you feel discomfort in any situation, please let us know.


Q: Will the tutors attend the trip?
A: Actually, it is us, the tutors, who have arranged this whole trip. We have spent many hours during the summer, trying to plan a great trip for you guys. So to answer the question; Of course! We are all looking forward to giving you a great trip.


Q: Who are invited to The Freshers’ Trip?
A: All of the new bachelor students (2018) at ITU; that is Data Science (DS), Software development (SWU), Digital Design & Interactive Technologies (DDIT) and Global Business Informatics (GBI). Basically, the same people who have been attending the intro week. Us, the tutors, and about 18 other ITU-students (Lackeys) who are there to help with practical stuff.


Q: Are we looking forward to The Freshers’ Trip?
A: We’d be silly if we weren’t. So hell yea’ we are – and you should be, too! We’ve planned this for the last 4 months and we’ve got something coming up, that we think you are soon to love but late to forget.


Q: What about the lectures during The Freshers’ Trip?
A: Don’t worry! There are no lectures for first semester students during the Freshers’ Trip. TimeEdit, the online schedule system, might state otherwise, but you can calmly count on that they are cancelled.


Q: Where are we going?
A: That’s a secret for now


Q: Why won’t you let us know, where we’re going?
A: No particular reason. We just like an element of surprise. That said, we’re going to a place, that supports the accommodation of 300+ people, close to the beach. That’s all the info you’re going to get.


Q: Are we going to be the same place or is each theme group going to different places? 
A: We are all going to the same place. This means we expect about 300 nice, lovely, open-minded, crazy, funny, clever and awesome people to join The Freshers’ Trip.


Q: Is it like an outdoor field trip?
A: Nope. We’ll eat and sleep indoor, and stay at the same place with access to baths and toilets. Activities will take place indoors and outdoors. That said mosquitos are still damn annoying, so perhaps bring some spray/balm.


Q: I just bought this new laptop and I have to show it to my new friends. Can I bring it?
A: No, you should NOT bring your laptop, or any other antisocial items, on the trip. We’ll make sure that there will be loads of fun and activities – you won’t get bored!


Q: Will I need to bring rain boots?
A: Not for the sake of the activities, but of course make sure to check the weather forecast before going.


Q: Oh, well then what do I have to bring?
A: Go here – we’ve made a cheeky lil’ packing list for you.


Q: Should I wear my costume on the first day?
A: You should not wear your awesome costume on the bus – we are saving this for later!


Q: Do I have to pay for the Freshers’ Trip?
A: Yes, for 375 DKK you pay for bed and food during the trip.


Q: How do I purchase from the bar? Should I bring cash? Card?
A: Go here – it should tell you what you need to know.


Q: I’m a vegetarian – do I have to bring my own food?
No, you don’t have to bring your own food, as long as you remember to notify us about it. You can do this by contacting nala@itu.dk (or one of the tutors) ASAP, who will help you out. The deadline for notifying is the 22nd of August 2018.


Q: I am going all in on the fun, drugs are fine as long as they are done discretely right?
A: ITU has an absolute zero-tolerance drug policy, that means that if you are found under the influence, or in possession of drugs, you will be sent home at your own expense. This includes but is not limited to nitrous oxide (laughing gas)


A: My question wasn’t answered here. What do I do?
Q: Ask out loud in the Facebook intro group here. Or message one of the Tutors. Remember that there are no stupid questions!