The payment system on the Freshers Trip is very simple! Before we leave ITU on September 1st you will get a bracelet, with an individual customer number, by showing a valid student ID. When buying from the bar during the trip, you will have to show the bracelet and your purchase will be added to your bill, which is stored under the individual customer number on your bracelet. On the day of departure, you will have to pay the total amount of your purchases on your given customer number with Visa Card, MasterCard og Debit Card. Note, that if you are so unfortunate that you lose your bracelet, you will have to show it and your valid student ID, in order to get a new one. Hence, we advise you to take a picture of the bracelet besides your face before arriving at the cabins.

We do not allow payment with cash or mobilepay! Only Visa Card, MasterCard and Debit Card. 


Tuborg Grøn: 10 DKK
Tuborg Classic: 10 DKK
Mokai: 15 DKK
Sommersby: 15 DKK

Coca Cola 33cl: 10 DKK
Cola Zero 33cl: 10 DKK
Faxe Kondi: 10 DKK
Redbull: 15 DKK
Redbull Ginger: 15 DKK

Vodka: 5 DKK
Jägermeister: 5 DKK
Fernet: 5 DKK
Små Sure: 5 DKK
Gammel Dansk: 5 DKK
Grøn Gajol: 5 DKK
Gin: 5 DKK
Rom: 5 DKK
Tequila: 5 DKK

Skinny Bitch: 15 DKK
Rom & Cola: 15 DKK
Vodka Redbull: 15 DKK
Dark N’ Stormy: 15 DKK
Vodka Cranberry: 15 DKK
Gin Tonic: 15 DKK
Vodka Lemon: 15 DKK
Virgin Drink: 15 DKK
Jägerbomb: 15 DKK