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Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance into the IT University of Copenhagen. 

You are going to start along with approximately 352 other happy new students this year and we, your Tutors, are looking forward to meeting you!

On this site, you can read more about the social activities that we have planned for you after your academic hours at ITU. The activities are not mandatory, but we highly recommend you to attend to socialise with your new fellow students as well as your Tutors. 

You can also read about the Fresher’s Trip in September. You can find information on payments, your theme group, and look at the FAQ. If you’re super curious about where we’re going – we’ll save you a lot of time and energy – we’re not telling you. Tutors secret for now. Go ahead and see if you can break us, no one has succeeded… yet. 

Alcohol is not a mandatory part of any of the activities at ITU – neither during the intro week or Freshers Trip. 

Remember to sign up for the Facebook group - ITU-Intro 2018 // Bachelor. Please use the tag #ITUintro18 on Instagram. We really want to see all your photos and memories on there.

**The site will be regularly updated, so be sure to check it out once in a while.